Experience The Medical Pedicure difference!



The Stepwell 'Medi Pedi' experience offers luxurious, infection free and aesthetic results. Our procedures are carried out and overseen by qualified podiatrists. 

The fear of both fungal and bacterial infections from cross contamination is all too real when instruments and consumables are not properly sterilised and managed. 

Stepwell practices medical grade sterilisation procedures and standards. Nail salons and beauticians are not regulated by a governing body and are therefore more susceptible to spread of disease and infection. 

The Stepwell Medical Pedicure offers a unique experience where you can enjoy the pampering of a pedicure with beautiful aesthetics and peace of mind. Your feet and health are in professional hands.​

We are an easy commute from most areas of inner Melbourne. 

The Stepwell Medi Pedi

We have purpose built the Medi Pedi room exclusively for the ultimate experience.

Prior to the pampering procedure, the feet must be prepared properly first! Only an experienced podiatrist can remove hard skin (callous) from all areas from under your feet including your toes and the areas around the nails safely and effectively. ​


We can address all of your needs with your assigned podiatrist.


You can then settle into a footbath prepared individually for each client and enjoy a beverage of your choice. 

You can also choose light calming music to really zone out and enhance the experience your way. 

Choose from our organic and vegan certified nail products in any colour you desire. 

...and most importanly sit back and relax!

Service Guarantee


We use specialist footbaths and quality products to ensure satisfaction and hygiene. 

We do not use jet footbaths as they do not meet our sterility standards.

Instruments are sterile and sharps are disposed after every single use.  

We will happily reapply your Dazzle Dry polish within 7 days if it is damaged.

Health Fund Rebates Available​
Our  Medical Pedicures are claimable on your health fund with prices starting at $99. You can claim your health fund on the spot and some of our clients pay as little as $50 for their out of pocket cost.
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