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Tele-rehabilitation is a great option for people to receive timely advice and care from the comfort of the home or office. 


Many podiatry related conditions and injuries are treatable through online podiatry and are best fitted for clients who are independent and able to follow self-treatment instructions. If your condition requires more than online measures you will not be charged! How's that for peace of mind?


If you're unsure about whether your injury can be treated online, please don't hesitate to connect with us for any queries! 


Using a simple 3-Step process, we'll help you start your journey to recovery and let you move onwards to achieving your personal goals!



Select an appointment time that best fits your schedule through our online booking tab. Fill out an intake form and tell us about your issues and goal.

Your podiatrist will then prepare a personalized assessment/treatment plan to best fit your lifestyle and goals.

  • Please tell us as much as you can and fill in your details when prompted.

  • You will NOT be charged if we determine your problem can't be fixed online without physical contact.

  • For benefits/insurance claims: please check with your health insurance provider if tele-rehabilitation is covered under your plan before starting your treatment with us. A detailed receipt is always provided after your treatment for insurance claims and reimbursements. 



Your consult with your podiatrist will always include the following:

  • Assessment: A series of questions to help us understand the nature and history of your problem followed by guided movement screening and testing. 

  • Diagnosis: Your podiatrist will then give you a working diagnosis and educate you on injury prevention methods and active treatment instructions.

  • Treatment: Involving pain management, self-treatment instructions and your own customized exercise program. We will also advise further tests if needed. 



We want to ensure that our program is right for you. Follow-up appointments are crucial for measuring your progress, retesting, and adjusting treatment plans as necessary. Unless of course - we can easily resolve you in one!

Book follow-up appointments after your first assessment to keep you on the right path to recovery!