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Orthotic Therapy

We use state of the art technology to prescribe 3D printed and robotic milled orthotics for the most accurate and effective results in orthotic therapy. We will provide the most suitable option whether it be off the shelf insoles or custom made to suit your needs. All related review and support appointments are free of charge - we are here for you!


Why Should You Use Orthotics?

Quite simply - Orthotics 'unflatten' an otherwise harsh and continuously flat unnatural surface we find ourselves moving on most of the time.


There is an ideal time, place and environment to use your orthotics, we will develop a detailed plan so that you load efficiently in the long run. We aim to prescribe orthotics to guide and stimulate your feet without restricting ideal natural movement. This allows for feet to do their thing from children's feet to the elderly. When prescribed effectively, they are a powerful tool in helping you move and get on with your best life!

They require an experienced podiatrist to prescribe with an accompanying treatment plan. We provide you with unlimited support once you are issued with them to ensure we achieve the best outcomes possible.  


They can also be used to help with the following:

  • Offload painful areas in the feet and alleviate pain 

  • Guide and support children's developing feet

  • They can be very effective in treating heel pain and plantar fasciitis

  • Provide the right amount of guidance support without restricting natural movement (we don't use rigid devices!).

  • Disperse ground reaction forces more evenly to reduce unnecessary stresses from the foot and into the hips, knees and lower back. 

  • Improve sensory / neural feedback through increased contact with the contours of your feet.

  • Accommodate pressure areas in high risk patients with neurovascular concerns

What's Involved?

We are here for you on your journey to a healthier walk. We offer gait training and multiple free of charge reviews once you have your orthotics to ensure your path to a healthier walk is an easy one.

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1. Orthotic Assessment

Our podiatrists will assess and diagnose any major foot conditions or concerns that may require orthotic therapy.

We take a holistic approach and thoroughly assess your biomechanics and provide you with a clear treatment plan. This may include exercises, gait training and footwear advice.

We offer a range of orthotic options to best suit your needs. 

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2. Orthotic Fitting

Following your first orthotic appointment we will book you in for an orthotic fitting - this is where we'll make sure your orthotics are the perfect fit to your shoes - please remember to bring a few pairs! Your footwear selection is paramount in keeping your feet moving at their best.

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3. Reviews

We want to help you walk your best walk. Once you have your orthotics we will review your progress at 3-4 weeks and again at 6-8 weeks to ensure your orthotics continue to support you and your feet.

All related review and support treatments with your orthotics are free of charge - we are here for you!

Book with us today!

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